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  1. You put your faith in God over man and hold Islamo-Christian values.
  2. You have a decent amount of creative work or ideas worth sharing
  3. You have a well designed site: No Wordpress or sites that use an unhealthy amount of js
  4. You have your own domain name:, neocities or subdomains aren't allowed
  5. You don't endorse anything blasphemous, disturbing or unloving on your site.


  1. To prevent spam, you can only submit a request to join once a day. Please double check your entry.
  2. Copy and paste any of the following to your site, preferably somewhere on your homepage. The footer is a good spot. Style and/or rearrange anything accordingly. Be creative.
  3. <div><a href="">&xlarr;</a>
    <a href="">
    <img src="" alt="webring"></a>
    <a href="">&xrarr;</a></div>

    <div><a href="">&xlarr;</a>
    <a href="">&#8857;</a>
    <a href="">&xrarr;</a></div>

            Host these next 3 gifs yourself. Kudos to Sergey.

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  4. If you don't describe where the 3 anchor tags can be found or don't meet the above criterion, your submission is thrown out.